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Work with us

We are a company specialized in family care and our duty is to select and train carers and then match our service to the client’s needs and demands. Our employees are our main asset and we are seriously dedicated in finding the best people and workers of family care services.

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Do you feel love and compassion for children and the elderly and want to help them?

Do you have a positive attitude about life and naturally take care of other people?

Are you modest and empathic and possess a desire to learn new things?

Do you wish to positively change someone’s life with your help and support?


We always look for family assistants who like to work with their heart, because caring for others comes from the heart.

Qualifications, experience and previous reference provide your inclusion in a family care agency, but compassion and responsibility are the main character qualities you need to possess in order to work in this area of expertise.

Prior to being hired, you need to complete a training program which is exclusive of our company. If you do not successfully complete this training course, you will not be able to work with us.

* Please send enclosed your CV, references and a letter of interest.