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About Us

Our company was born as e desire to introduce into our society the services necessary for the category of people who most need care from others, children and the elderly.

Recently, these services are in demand as a result of new living and work conditions, and what is more important, there is a great need for qualified care and professional treatment for the individuals who require care at home in Albania.

In this venture, we are based on the combination of Italian-Albanian experience in the field of family care.

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The Italian part of our team has considerable experience in Northern Italy and has also collaborated with leading companies of family care industry. Having developed a refined methodology which provides a unique identification in the Italian market, now we come to Albania together with our knowledge and experience, to assist and improve the life quality of Albanian families as well.

On the other hand, the Albanian part of our team contributes with thorough knowledge of the population, the culture and demographic changes throughout the years, through studying psychology of human development, with special focus on the benefits of family care and socialization for the elderly.

Together, we have created a team, where each member contributes to the best of capacities and knowledge to provide quality service and the best family care in Albania.

For the first time, family care will be introduced in Albania with a studied approach for guaranteed efficiency of family care in a professional manner. Our main focus is to offer qualified carers, which are trained accordingly by OSS manuals (manual for Socio-Sanitary Operators) for elderly care, and international babysitter handbooks and procedures for children carers. In addition, we offer continuing training updates to our employees which include scientific news and methods in the fields of psychology, pedagogy and education.

Based on the principle of attachment to familiar environment, we believe that children and the elderly feel better when they spend time in their own homes. All our employees go through a thorough selection process, as well as continuous training and supervision, in order to provide the service we all want for our children, parents and family members in times when they need assistance.

We know that including a stranger at home can be difficult, thus one of the basic criteria we look for when selecting our employees is empathy (natural ability of a person to understand and share the emotions of others)

Our Vision

We advocate for children and the elderly by supporting the family with professional assistance. The employees we select will be trained and educated to ensure the safest and most harmonious environment possible. Our focus will always be the individual, his/her family and our employee’s adaptation to their needs and requests.

Our Values

Our philosophy is to provide quality service so that individuals in need of assistance, can stay in their own homes and live their chosen lifestyles, regardless of age, cognitive or physical abilities or geographical position. Our main priority will always be the commitment to customer’s needs. We will always respect what is important for him/her and his/her family.

Our Mission

We all work together to make a difference.