The Elderly -
The Elderly

In Albania, many family members live in other countries or cities. Other family members live nearby but have a large daily burden and numerous obligations that make it difficult to look after loving relatives.

Our caretakers enable the elderly to continue to live in the comfort of their home while enjoying the lively lifestyle by not feeling alone or isolating from society and family. Home assistance is based on the principle of home-age, so that third-person persons can continue living in their homes as soon as possible and with the level of care they need for their safety and comfort .

Household assistance includes:

• Supervising and managing the activities of everyday life

• Prepare healthy meals

• Friendship and entertainment activities

• Assistance with medication administration

• Transport

• Personal hygiene

• Mobility assistance

• Collaboration with other professionals.

For the elderly, living in their home is a priority. But the natural aging process can make everyday life difficult over time. We offer all the services that enable and facilitate the third age autonomy.

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Personal care services

Nutrition and Diet

A healthy diet always has a beneficiary effects on the general health of seniors. Many of them have specific diets as prescribed by their doctor. Our carers prepare food based on specific needs of the client. Our carers have been trained to prepare food which is healthy and able to control or prevent illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, etc.

House work

Our carers offer light housework, like dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, mopping the floor, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom, water the flowers, taking out the trash, washing windows which are reachable without a ladder, etc.

Grossery Shopping

It can be hard for a senior to get out of the house. Our carers can join the client and accompany him/her to do shopping or whatever he/she needs to do outside the home. If the client cannot move, our carers can run errands outside the home in his/her favour, such as paying bills, buying groceries, getting prescription medication, etc.

Positioning and transfer

We make it a priority to help clients move inside their own homes. This includes raising from bed, wheelchair, chair, etc. The right transfer from one place to another reduces the risk of wounds that can be caused by staying too long in bed. In addition, movement avoids muscular atrophy, stimulates digestion and aids respiration.

Medication administration

Our carers can help with managing medication intake by insuring they be taken in duly time and manner.


Our carers may take care of all laundry needs. They can do laundry, fold, iron, etc.

Toilet and incontinence care

One of the main disturbances of old age is incontinence. Without the necessary assistance, seniors can face a few problems which arise from incontinence like skin infections, bad smell, etc. Our carers offer their help and support compassionately in these daily matters.

Hygiene and cleaning

Our goal is to help our clients in their daily routine, in order for them to feel and look their best. Numerous social studies have confirmed how positive and effective hygiene and continuous cleaning is for the elderly. In cases of seniors who have cognitive or physical difficulties, our carers help with every detail of the cleaning process.

Socialization and conversation

Seniors who maintain a social life have also a better quality of life. They have a lower tendency to develop depression or cognitive decline. Our carers provide socialization, conversation and also sit and eat together with the client if that is what the client wants.

Mobility assistance

Being active in the third age is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy life. Our home carers help with every step of the way while ensuring comfort and security.

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